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Want to DIY the preservation of your collection but need help along the way? 


We offer collection analysis, photo management plans, assistance getting started, help selecting equipment, systems and software.​


Need a body double to check in on your progress, advise you about preservation tasks or train you how to perform specific steps within the process?  We work with you at the level of support you specifically require. 

Speaking Events

Preservation Pix has a variety of presentations to share information about memory collection preservation. 


Live events both in-person and online can be tailored to the needs of small groups and community gatherings. ​


Whatever type of information you require about preservation or the process, we are happy to share our expertise.

Education Courses

Preservation Pix has been teaching courses and seminars both for

over a decade. 


We teach in both live and online settings.  Consider a course to gain more in-depth information about preserving your physical and digital memory collection.​


Contact us to learn more about our most up-to-date course offerings.

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