Scanning / Digitizing Services

Scanning is provided at our location.  Photos are scanned at a minimum of 600dpi.

Only Premium Scanning:

What differentiates Preservation Pix from big box scanning services is our individual attention to each file.  Once scanned, each file is given a unique name and a date that corresponds with when the photo was taken.

Additional information (called metadata) can be added to each scanned file.  Metadata can include valuable information about the photo such as who is in the picture and where it was taken.  It can also include sorting information like tags and keywords and genealogical information like the story behind the photo.  Ask about our detailed metadata options.



Repair and Retouching:

If requested, some repair and retouching can be performed at our location.  Digital files requiring extreme repair will be electronically sent to one of our partners who has professional expertise in that area.

Other digital services:

Do you need to convert film, video, slides, negatives, etc… to digital format?  We work with APPO-approved, highly qualified partners (all located in the United States) who specialize in these services.  All of our trusted partners are well respected in the digital and video conversion field.  At your request we can coordinate all of your digital conversion needs with our trusted partners.

Scanning services are provided at hourly rates.