Digital Photo Organizing

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Preservation Pix offers a wide range of digital photo organizing solutions

  • Organize digital photo files
  • Organize digital memorabilia files
  • Organize digital video files
  • Gather existing digital files from cameras, computers, tablets and phones
  • Provide a core folder structure (not dependent on a specific platform or software)
  • Setup photo sharing across multiple devices and platforms
  • Offer organizational software advice and training
  • Setup a workflow system for you


Digital photo organization puts your digital files in a place where you can use them, share them, and print them.  Digital organization differs depending on the type of computer equipment you own, the number of media devices you have and the way you wish to use your digital photos.  It also depends on your level of competency with technology.

Once organized, Preservation Pix offers digital organization maintenance services.  Once we get your organized, we want to assure that all of the photos you take in the future will continued to get correctly placed in your organizational system.  We can train you to perform your own maintenance or make monthly visits to help you or perform the services for you. 

Digital photo organization services can be completed in your home or at our location.  These services are charged hourly.  Contact Preservation Pix to find out which services will best fit your needs.